How do I build up my business?

Leverage our globally recognized brand to build your business! First, we’ll teach you fundamental marketing techniques starting with our 12 week marketing plunge plan. After this initial training, grow your business by offering services to other Nerds, networking, and through incoming client leads.

How many Nerds are in the same region?

It seems to us that the more Nerds (and NerdMobiles) we have in any given region, the more buzz and requests for help we generate – and the more Nerds we need. As local teams grow, the old 1+1=3 adage takes root in a big way.

This is just another franchise, right?

Wrong! Gain the freedom to run your own business, but have full access to our globally recognized team and brand. Unlike most franchises, there are no restrictive territories with our model. We have Nerds who manage contracts for clients in multiple cities using the power of the team.

Is the NerdMobile mandatory?

It’s not mandatory, but it is highly recommended in order to reap some great Nerd-based benefits. While you’ll need a car anyways, this one exists as a travelling marketing machine. We supply the decals and application, and you’ll additionally be rewarded an extra 13% on your commission just by driving one.

Seize The Nerd Opportunity

More Support, More Freedom, More Fun.