No two Nerds are the exact same. Everyone brings their own skill set to the table, whether it be sales and customer service, or pure IT expertise, or a mix of everything. We provide different roles that make the best use of these various skills, leading to happy Nerds and happy clients.

The Sales

People are your passion, you care about your clients and want to help them any way you can.

The Tech

No problem is too big for you to solve, with your technical expertise and bravery in the face of IT panic.

The Nerd of
All Trades

You’re never phased by a new challenge, whether it be IT or sales, you’ve always got it covered.

The Sales Nerd

Builds greater, stronger client relationships and is the friendly go-to face for clients of Nerds On Site.

These Nerds play well with others and love making sure everyone leaves happy. As a Sales Nerd you get to build and develop client relationships in the manner you see fit, and experience the full gratification of knowing you were there when the client needed you.

Ready To Be The Nerd You Were Meant To Be?

Success, opportunity, and fun are all waiting for you.

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