Our Mission Statement

To circle the world passionately driving up the Pleasure, Productivity and Profitability of technology in the lives of our Clients… and have fun doing so!


What kind of people are we looking to connect with? The kind of people who can connect with our ‘CHARGE’ philosophy!

C  – Confident, Competent, CEO
H – Human Engineers
A  – Attitude of Humility
R  – Responsive and Resourceful
G – Goal and Destination focused
E  – Engaging and Enthusiastic

What are we looking for?

We need ALL competencies and skills!

More than anything we are looking for folks that have a passion for technology… any and all aspects of Information Technology. Nobody can claim to know ‘everything’ about technology so our clients love the fact that we work together as a team. While many of our nerds are ‘generalists’, we also have nerds with very specific skills who make themselves available to other nerds. Industry Certifications are a great compliment to real-world experience… but that’s not to say that there are those who have learned by doing and know their stuff. Finally, Nerds have got to LOVE working with people, because that’s our business! First and foremost, our business is about building relationships with our clients through heightened communication and always putting their needs first.